It’s Time To Weigh Your Call Center Options

It’s Time To Weigh Your Call Center Options

The inevitable time of year is creeping up when loan volumes drop dramatically after the holiday shopping season. Rather than bide time waiting for business to pick up again, we have a better idea.

The seasonal slow down is the perfect opportunity to start evaluating your call center’s performance and evaluating your outsourcing options. Keep in mind that increased activity during the holidays skews the numbers so make sure you average the entire year.

Outsourcing your call center is a smart move whether your business is booming or not. In upswings, outsourcing allows you to accommodate additional business without investing your own resources in hiring and training employees, purchasing equipment and obtaining extra square footage for needed space.

In downturns, outsourcing allows you to decrease expenses associated with salaries, training, rent and more without any significant impact on service quality. In fact, a call center with experienced, long-term customer service representatives (CSRs) like Centrinex can increase call volume and loans much faster than less experienced, in-house CSRs.

Call center outsourcing can result in more of the two things you want the most: profit and time. Running and managing an in-house call center takes money and it takes a lot of your time in terms of management. By outsourcing it, you can focus your efforts on other key business objectives.
Whether or not to outsource your call center is a difficult decision to make. Is it the right time? How do you know? How do you which call center has the processes, policies and people to match your organization’s requirements and keep you out of hot water with consumers and the FCC?

If you need a call center or your current one just isn’t cutting it, then Centrinex is a no-brainer. But decisions aren’t always that cut and dry. In those instances, we encourage you to operate your in-house center in tandem with Centrinex. After time, a comparison of the numbers will give you the indisputable performance metrics needed for smart decision-making. And if you have CSRs that you just can’t let go thanks to their individual performance and charisma, let us know. We make it possible to bring them on board our team. You get to keep your best people without having to sign their paychecks. Win-win.

Still not sure how outsourced call centers can make you money and let you focus on other core aspects of your business? Contact us today to learn more about what solutions are right for you!