TMC Names Centrinex / Novasors as CUSTOMER Top 50

TMC Names Centrinex / Novasors as CUSTOMER Top 50

TMC has announced via CUSTOMER magazine the rankings of teleservices and business process outsourcing providers every spring for three decades now. For this 30th anniversary, we decided to throw our hat in the ring against other contact centers to see how Centrinex / Novasors ranked.

In April, the results were published, and here is how Centrinex / Novasors fared:

  • 13th in Domestic Inbound Ranking
  • 14th in Domestic Outbound Ranking
  • 17th in Global Aggregate Ranking

According to the article, “These rankings are derived from the details gathered from an exhaustive application process, through which teleservices and BPO providers quantify their service delivery in terms of minutes of usage in their various locations. Through 30 years of consistency in processing and evaluating these applications, these rankings have become the benchmark for businesses seeking high-capacity teleservices agencies. Importantly, we recognize that volume isn’t – and, indeed, shouldn’t be – the sole criteria for selecting a vendor. We believe it remains a criterion in many decision-making processes.”

More about the Ranking Criteria

The primary factor in TMC’s rankings is agency size, based on annual call volume. Therefore, it relies on measurable, third-party-verifiable data to determine agency rankings. Specifically, agencies are ranked based on the number of minutes each was billed by each of its phone companies for telephone services for the previous 12 months.

About the Qualification Process

Qualifying teleservices agencies in this year’s program were required to submit responses to a detailed questionnaire, indicating the nature of their operations and listing the number of billable minutes for the 12-month period from November 1, 2013 through October 31, 2014.

Verification, in the form of the signature of each agency’s president/CEO, was required, in addition to a letter of verification from each of the telephone service providers used, certifying the number of minutes for which the providers billed the agencies during the evaluation period.

The Commitment and Approach Behind the Numbers

We’re honored to be ranked among the top call centers in the country, and of course, that didn’t happen by accident. Centrinex / Novasors handles 1.6 million calls every month. That level of volume requires over 550 qualified customer service specialists, working at our 47,000 square foot call center headquartered in Lenexa, KS.

We are a performance-driven company focused on domestic contact center services at affordable pricing. All of our services are supported by in-depth analysis and detailed reporting, so managing campaigns or customer service approach offers flexibility. More than simply a call center, Centrinex / Novasors helps our customers:

  • Reduce call center overhead
  • Grow their business while utilizing industry call center best practices
  • Improve their bottom line
  • Provide detailed metrics and consulting services

Being one of the top 50 call centers in the country based on billed minutes is remarkable. However, it’s our personalized approach to meeting customers’ goals and expectations that makes Centrinex / Novasors truly stand out.