The U.S. Postal Service Has Nothing on Our Contact Center

The U.S. Postal Service Has Nothing on Our Contact Center

So we have all heard that the postal service delivers through sleet, ice and snow. But here at Centrinex, we can do those postal carriers one better. Our outsourced contact center is designed to survive even if our facility is leveled. Really. Leveled. Like to the ground.

We believe that there is no such thing as too much R&R – resiliency and redundancy. Our physical location is equipped with two battery backups, and should those fail then a generator kicks in to power to our entire system. This redundant design provides triple protection in the event of a power failure, so our call center stays up and running even without electricity.

Natural gas line explosion. Tornado. Godzilla attack. Even if our facility is leveled to the ground for some reason, we would remain operational via reciprocal agreements we’ve made with four other call centers in the Midwest. Going on with business as usual would be a matter of relocating our customer service representatives (CSRs) to one or more of the other four locations, and voila, we’re back up. Our Centrinex facility in Costa Rica is equipped and prepared to handle the call volume while our management and IT teams are in the process of moving our lines and CSRs to the new local call center.

But what happens in the event of a zombie apocalypse or other some such disaster? We’ve even got that covered. In the spirit of true redundancy and resiliency, Centrinex leases a completely separate co-location, meaning it is 100 percent independent of our contact center in Overland Park. The two facilities do not share phone lines or IT systems tied to our headquarters, so no matter what happens at our base call center, the redundant site can be operational quickly.

While we use Godzilla and a zombie apocalypse tongue in cheek as examples of potential sources of calamity, we take our disaster recovery plan very seriously. The bottom line is that regardless of what could interfere with our operations, we have redundant systems in place.

For our call center clients, knowing that whatever disaster strikes they’re customers are still being taken care of is a huge relief. The redundancy and resiliency built into our systems are what separates Centrinex from other contact centers around the world.