What are the Benefits of Outsourcing My Call Center?

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing My Call Center?

In the last couple of decades there has been an increase in subcontracting, and call centers are one of the top outsourced business functions. The economic advantages of an outsourced call center are attractive, but so are the efficiencies and ability to focus on other core strategic aspects of the business it brings. The degree to which you can benefit from subcontracting your call center depends on your choice of partner.

Never Miss an Actionable Insight

Contracting call center operations still retains key data captured throughout your process down to individual calls. Between our experts and your team, we can analyze that data to improve processes and the customer experience.

Take Advantage of Various Engagement Channels

Though the term “call” center is still the norm, customer service is a multi-channel system, spreading across email, web chats, text and more. Centrinex can adopt yours or implement a multi-channel system that makes sense for your customers’ needs and your business. This saves you from trial and error for the best solutions and gives your company an advantage over your competitors.

Eliminate the Fear Factor

Regardless of the industry you’re in, your company has processes, especially when it comes to customer service. Centrinex clients appreciate our open book policy, which eliminates the fear factor. We adopt your existing processes and work as an extension of your company. Our customer service representatives (CSRs) are trained on your business and learn the nuances. From the initial set up to modifications needed later, all the data you want and need to see is readily available. This eliminates any fear that your processes are too complex for your call center partner to manage or that they won’t be followed.

Take the Burden Off Your Shoulders

No matter how efficient or well-established your in-house call center, maintaining it is a burden in terms of payroll, human resources, staffing, training, quality assurance and maximizing productivity of the CSRs and the department as a whole.

Let’s say there are 20 CSRs staffing your in-house call center, each one earning an hourly salary, which also entails managing:

  • Recruiting
  • Training/Onboarding
  • Insurance and benefits
  • Quality assurance and follow ups
  • Managing vacation and sick day coverage


Subcontracting your call center to Centrinex takes all of those responsibilities off your shoulders. And perhaps, more importantly, it retains all of the company, product and industry knowledge that your CSRs have gained, so your customers never notice a difference in service or quality.

Staffing becomes Centrinex’s responsibility. We have redundancies in place to account for absences. For example, we may have a client staffed for 13 to cover any absent CSRs, but three of those are on-call and the client is charged for 10. Always ready for anything, Centrinex also has a buffer system with specific team members knowledgeable on your account able to step in at a moment’s notice.

Human resources, in general, can be a liability landmine. Customer service requires oversight to avoid opening up the potential for liability. When you outsource your call center to Centrinex, we take control of that oversight to avoid issues like retribution and discrimination claims.

Maximize Your Assets

A company’s employees are its most valuable assets. Centrinex retains your customer service reps; however, we are able to maximize their productivity using our expertise and systems in the call center industry. In other words, we staff your call center with the right number of CSRs at the right time. It’s common for us to be able to reduce a client’s original staff of 20 to 15. Centrinex offers reassignment to those five other agents, providing job security for your former in-house call center reps.

Brand Your Dedicated Space

Just because you no longer operate a call center in your facility doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t have the same environment as your company. As your call center partner, Centrinex precisely follows your standards from security and new-hire CSR requirements to your company’s brand elements. Our clients are welcome to visit anytime and are often on-site. They may enter our building, but their call center space is theirs.

The Value of Call Center Expertise and Tactical Ability Cannot be Under Estimated

The real value of working with an experienced outsourced call center is its experience and track record. Do the benefits make outsourcing worthwhile? You bet, as long as you find the right partner.