Why is Centrinex the Best Call Center to Work for? Because We Listen.

Why is Centrinex the Best Call Center to Work for? Because We Listen.

Bart Miller, Centrinex’s CEO and owner, noticed a rolling cart while he was walking around our call center. He took a seat and rolled through the office with a little push from a brand manager as he talked to our call center employees.

It’s not typical behavior for a company president, but Centrinex isn’t your typical call center. Our leadership knows workplace cultures are changing. Rather than ignoring or fighting it, our executives are listening to employees about what they want and expect from a career.

Excellent Pay and Benefits

Of course, excellent pay and benefits are a given. One of the most common reasons why employees leave their current jobs for others is because they have found higher salaries and better benefits elsewhere. That’s why we periodically check job listings to see whether our call center’s compensation is competitive. Centrinex is among the highest paying in the Kansas City area. Our benefit package puts others to shame, as it includes health insurance, 401k matching, paid time off, holiday pay, well program, tuition reimbursement and much more.

There is more to a career than just pay and benefits. Few employees will leave a job and co-workers they enjoy over a few cents. There are cultural aspects that make Centrinex a place where people want to work. The best way our leadership team can discover those wants and needs, not to mention put them in place, is to ask our employees questions and really listen to their answers.

Career Advancement and Management Opportunities

We’ve heard professional development and the ability to move up to management positions are important. Great leaders know great employees want to grow along with the company. New employees want to learn as much about their positions as possible, and long-time employees want to update their skill sets and move up the ladder.

Centrinex offers training and opportunities that lead to advancement, and we always promote from within. During both interviews and evaluations, we ask about your goals and do what we can to support you in achieving them. Recently, newer customer service representatives asked about how to brush up on job functions that they didn’t do every day, but still wanted to learn them. We created training videos for all of our call center clients that reps can access during downtime or whenever they need a quick reference.

Job Satisfaction and Recognition

Everyone wants to feel appreciated. Whether it’s a simple “thank you” for a job well done or giving public shout-outs to those who go above and beyond, employees notice and appreciate when management recognizes their hard work. Centrinex has a culture of appreciation with our Employee Recognition Program being one part of it. We host company-wide lunches, sponsor educational and fun programs and hold spirit weeks, field days, holiday contests and more. Bottom line: we want to show our employees that they are valued in real, meaningful ways.

Personal Health and Safety

For what seemed like a split second, it appeared the states were opening up and we were turning a corner with the pandemic. Currently, omicron is driving up positive test rates, and we’re navigating life, work and personal, with caution again. The point is: the pandemic isn’t over and while no one knows what’s next, there are many people very concerned that returning to the workplace full-time is risky. Centrinex takes every precaution to keep our employees safe, and your health and safety matter. We are as careful as anyone can be right now and will continue following CDC and local guidance.

Listening is Our Occupational Hazard

Whether it’s in passing conversation with the CEO riding around on a cart or during job interviews, always be prepared to tell us what matters to you. After all, we’re a call center so listening is part of our job. We’re a large company with hundreds of employees, but our leadership team is dynamic and open-minded.

Apply for a call center job with us. Come to the interview prepared to tell us not only about you, but what matters most to you in the workplace.