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Meet Sandra

I’m Sandra (age 67), I’m semi-retired and I’ve worked at Centrinex for three years.

I’ve been working for the past 40 years and to be quite honest, I don’t have to work if I don’t want to. But I enjoy meeting new people, having a sense of accomplishment and occasionally getting a pat on the back. I like getting up every day, going to a place I enjoy, with a purpose in mind. I like working at Centrinex.

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Meet Virginia

My name is Virginia (age 73), and I’ve been working part-time at Centrinex for a year.

After I retired from my career in banking, I started working here for a little extra money, just in the evenings and on weekends. I like putting my education and financial background to good use, even though I’m retired. It helps keep my mind sharp.

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Meet David

I’m David (age 45), and I’ve been a Call Center Representative for Centrinex for about eight months. I love working here – everyone is so friendly and helpful. It’s a real team atmosphere.

I’m currently going to night school to get my MBA in Business, with a focus in telecommunications. This job helps offset my education expenses.

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On Site Training

At Centrinex, we’re only as good as our people; and our people are only as good as the tools and resources we give them to succeed. That’s why we take training and development very seriously.

Here, each new employee goes through a new-hire orientation. This includes training on the loan management system, the rules and regulations of the specific brand they’ll be working with, scripting and customer service. Throughout their employment, they receive refresher training, as well as on-the-fly training. This is part of our quality assurance program that focuses on exceptional customer service, consistency, and delivery – all through coaching.

Additionally, we now offer Centrinex University – a program dedicated to helping employees excel in time management, leadership, interviewing skills and more. While mandatory for some and voluntary for others, it’s our way of giving our employees the chance to grow and succeed in their jobs at Centrinex.


Personal Development

Additionally, we now offer Centrinex University – a program dedicated to teaching employees time management, leadership, communications, Excel, interviewing skills, sales, professionalism and more. While mandatory for some and voluntary for others, it’s our way of giving our employees the chance to grow and succeed in their jobs at Centrinex and helping shape our future leaders.

Brand Managers, Department Heads and Supervisors get tasked with presenting a topic, helping to develop their own platform skills. Grades and diplomas are issued at the end, and the highest scoring individuals get treated to a special dinner with top management.


Employee Recognition

At Centrinex, we understand our success relies upon our employees. That’s why we implement a strong recognition program, one that acknowledges an individual’s behavior, effort or result that supports the company’s goals and values.

We realize that employees want to be respected and valued for their contributions, they want to be recognized as an individual, and they want to feel a sense of achievement for work well done.

That’s why when we receive complimentary letters from customers regarding our employees, we don’t take them lightly. We make a huge deal of them instead. How? We transfer them to 30”x40” posters, complete with graphics, and hang them throughout the building. This helps the employees get the positive recognition they deserve, not only from upper management, but also from their fellow employees.

We find this helps increase motivation and loyalty within the company. Plus, it helps improve productivity, employee satisfaction and enjoyment of work. Teamwork between employees enhances, and retention of quality employees increases.

Celebrating the successes and work well done can really make or break a company. Our employees mean the world to us, and we do what we can to let them know that. Through positive reinforcement, training in areas we see opportunities in, and recognizing them publicly, the employees of Centrinex feel appreciated and are motivated to continue with their positive efforts.

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