Hello, a Financially and Personally Rewarding Career is Calling

There are call center jobs, and there is working at Centrinex where you enjoy the support and opportunity to take your job as far as you want to go… financially and personally.


With more than 500 people filling our customer service representative jobs, there are just as many reasons they choose to work with us. Some come from fast food or retail store jobs, some come from other Kansas City call centers, some want to quickly move from entry-level jobs to management careers, and others need flexibility as they raise kids, go to college or ease into retirement.


Centrinex Meets You Where You Are and Helps You Get Where You Want to Go


Training and Tools for Success

Our call center is only as good as our people; and our people are only as good as the tools and resources we give them to succeed. We take your training and development very seriously.

“Trish was great and I loved her positive energy!”

“Very pleasant atmosphere. Trainers are wonderful and patient. I’m looking forward to working here for a long period of time.”

“Since I started I have had nothing but help in any area I attend. I have not had one bad interaction since I started, everyone is like family here.”

“My training was wonderful and everything was explained so perfectly. Great job and I’m excited to be a part of this team.”

It starts with your new-hire orientation. This includes training on the system, the rules and regulations of the specific brand you’ll be working with, scripting and customer service. Throughout your employment, you receive refresher training, as well as on-the-fly training. This is part of our quality assurance program that focuses on exceptional customer service, consistency, and delivery – all through constructive coaching.


Education That Makes a Difference

Centrinex University is a program dedicated to helping you excel in time management, leadership, communications, Excel, interviewing skills, sales, professionalism and more. Brand managers, department heads and supervisors present interesting topics. While mandatory for some and voluntary for others, it’s our way of giving you the chance to grow personally and succeed in your job at Centrinex. Grades and diplomas are issued at completion. Highest scoring “graduates” are treated to a special dinner with top management.


Celebrating Wins, Big and Small

You deserve respect and appreciation for your contributions. That’s why when we receive complimentary letters from our clients, we don’t take them lightly. For example, we make a huge deal of them. How? We create 30” x 40” posters and hang them throughout the building.


Celebrating successes and work well done can really make or break your satisfaction on the job. Our employees mean the world to us, and we do what we can to let them know that. Through positive reinforcement, training in areas we see opportunities in, and recognizing them publicly, as a Centrinex employee you’ll feel appreciated and valued.


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