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Centrinex is about performance

We are the nation’s leader in call center management for banks, financial services and other industries, such as healthcare, transportation companies and government agencies. We improve bottom-line performance with industry-leading knowledge and talent.

Centrinex is tailored to you

Discover how Centrinex will become an extension of your company to offer the best customer solutions.


Dedicated agents at a price that might surprise you

We get it. Managing people can put a tremendous strain on your human capital. Instead of planning and projecting growth and profitability for your organization, you can be mired in administrative issues all day. Centrinex can take the stress of managing your call center by providing a complete solution to your customers’ experience. From contacting leads to calling delinquent customers and everything in between, Centrinex can handle it all for you with dedicated agents to your account and at a price that might surprise you.


Our clients rely on us for:

  • Reducing call center overhead
  • Using industry and call center best practices
  • Improving their bottom line
  • Custom call center consulting service
  • In-depth reporting
  • Proven, measurable results


Centrinex’s process of speed of contact accomplishes that. Our workforce management team, as well as our supervisory staff requires “one call resolution” for over 50% of the calls we make. That leads to fewer attempts to contact the customer afterwards.

For clients that require a quick resolution with their customer, whether they are point of sale or online on their computer or smartphone, our process will execute client requests immediately. Our typical response time is 80% contact rate within two minutes of receiving the lead.


The Experience

We have provided call center services for banks, financial services, and other industries, such as healthcare, transportation companies, online gaming, and government agencies; just to name a few.

Telephony Services

Inbound Customer Support

Outbound Marketing

After-hours & Overflow Services

Response to Marketing

Appointment Setting


Verification Services


Network Builds

Back Office



Help Desk Ticketing


Data Storage

Data Entry

Order Entry

You may be wondering…

Why Centrinex?

Outsourcing your call center functions to us results in; less stress, improved operational efficiency, potential for growth, and actionable reporting data.

Less Stress

Operational Efficiency

Growth Potential

Take a deep breath…

We take on the work of running your call center, including the most stressful parts like recruiting, training, retention activities and even firing when necessary.

Give your customers the best.

Outsourcing your call center allows you to focus on operational efficiencies and procedural changes that improve overall customer experiences because we’re handling the implementation and execution for you. Your customers see no difference in service levels because we mimic your business’s brand and culture by following your playbook and regulations to the letter.

An extension of your company, no matter the size.

If scaling your business up or down, outsourcing your call center lets you reallocate your former customer service representatives to other departments or jobs, or even to our team. With additional resources freed up, you can focus on growth. Also, outsourcing means you’ll never need to pass on an opportunity. We can quickly scale to 2x your current size with little to no investment on your end.

Actionable data makes it simple to manage and grow your business

Together, we’ll establish key performance indicators and manage your business accordingly. More importantly, through our data capture and analytics we can show you improvement steps toward better performance today, not after the fact. The tens of thousands of calls and transactions we conduct every day become the knowledge base from which our clients make important business decisions that improve call center performance.

We manage our CSRs to your goals and requirements. While each client is different (we manager over 100 different KPI’s and close to 300 reports within the call center for all clients combined), our two main points of focus are on Utilization rates (how much are my CSRs working for you) and Quality Assurance scores (what do you define as a “successful” call and how we measure against it). For most of our clients, our utilization rate is a minimum of 70% per CSR per day and our QA scores are 92% or better.

Interested? Start with 10% to 20%.

Allocate 10% to 20% of your business to Centrinex for a Champion Challenger to your current call center and allow us to show you how we can improve your KPI’s.

When we do it, your call center will improve as well when they see what we can do. At the end of the day, productivity goes up for both centers. Call today for more information or to set up a tour in our 47,000 square foot facility in Lenexa, Kansas, a Kansas City suburb.